"Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” ~ Martha Graham

I am drawn to activities where the body becomes the path to connect to my spirit.  Dance offers me that.  It reminds me that I am in the body and life is energy in motion.  In particular, I love Argentine Tango and Korean Traditional Dances.

I stumbled upon Argentine Tango by chance about 20 years ago.  I immediately resonated with Argentine Tango.  And as I gained more experience in the dance, I was fascinated by its grounding vocabulary that eventually helps to unleash a freestyle movement beyond rules and limitations.  I danced it intensely for almost a decade.  I don't dance the Argentine Tango much these days.  It is a real treat when I do.  On some days, the dance transports me to a timeless, formless place where I dance until I disappear.  Rest of the time, it is simply great fun.

I am a novice student of Korean traditional dances.  It humbles and inspires me to learn to move in unfamiliar and challenging ways.  The movements of Korean traditional dances are very intricately linked to the breath, and their nuanced gestures are very much an expression of the spirit.  I am also fascinated by the complex, intricate rhythms of Korean traditional music and is an enthusiastic student of Korean drumming.