Easy tips for incorporating essential oils into a daily routine!

Tip #1:  Add a few drops of LEMON essential oil into a GLASS of WARM WATER in the morning.

As far as establishing a health routine goes, it can't get any easier than this.  You don't even have to cut and squeeze the lemon.  Just open the bottle, and add a few drops into your water.  Why?  Much like lemon can be used in all manner of cleaning products, it can also aid in cleaning up our insides.  It will support our already amazing digestive and detoxification systems in breaking down toxins and excreting metabolic waste, especially when these systems aren't functioning optimally during times of prolonged stress, hormonal imbalances, untreated food intolerances, and continued consumption of nutrient deficient foods.  Lemons are high in pectin which is a prebiotic that assists good gut health, and in citric acid which helps with digestion and urine output.  The warm water assists with the peristalsis, involuntary constriction and relaxation of the intestinal muscles causing wave-like movements, helping with elimination.  Citrus oils in particular have a chemical composition that is known to interfere with the chemistry of plastics, so be sure to use a glass (not plastic bottle) for your water.

More tips on using lemon essential oil:

  • Apply topically or diffuse to elevate mood/neutralize odors.

  • Remove sticky/greasy substances from fabric.

  • Add to water spray bottle to clean kitchen counters and stainless steel appliances.

  • lighten dark spots on the skin (make sure to use sunscreen if going out in the sun afterwards).