Yoga Nidra

"Paradoxically, the Yoga of Sleep is awakening to what is asleep within us" ~ Swami Avinashananda Saraswati

Yoga Nidra is also known as Yogic Sleep or conscious Deep Sleep.  It is an ancient meditation technique that is sleep-based and done lying down.  It is designed to help us access a full body relaxation, a deep meditative state of awareness, and a release of our biases and unconscious memories.  The practice takes us down through progressive brain waves, where there is less mental activity that can interfere with whatever is arising in the present.  In that state of deep relaxation, the practice invites us to witness complementary opposites without preference and to open to our deeper intentions.  In this way, we gradually learn to let go of accumulated tension in the body, disengage from stress-producing thoughts, soften our biases, and trust our heartfelt intentions.  With a consistent practice, subtle shifts begin to take place internally, which then ripple out into the external parts in our lives.