"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor." ~ Henry David Thoreau

I offer tools for BODY, MIND and SPIRIT CARE

to help people engage in VITAL LIVING.

My endeavor is to rouse our INNER COMPASS for


and ELEVATING one another.

Welcome!  I am so very glad that you are here.  This site shares my explorations of vital living, gems of teaching gathered along the way, and offerings that come out of what I may have learned, assimilated and integrated in the process.  I am privileged to be guided by teachers who have instilled in me the confidence to listen within and trust the natural unfolding of my inner intelligence.  I am equally privileged to be guiding others whom I respect as equals on this journey.  This site is dedicated with gratitude and love to my teachers and students.

The acronym FAR in the tabs above refers to Food, Activity and Rest, which I view as basic ingredients for vital living.  Food provides us fuel and nourishment.  Activity is a means of engagement.  Rest is how we recover and renew.  What we eat and think, how we move and act, and how we rest and rebalance all directly affect not only the tangible aspects of our health, but the very quality of our lives.

FAR also evokes a journey, and to me, an inward one from the gross to the subtle toward the essence.  The self-cultivation practices of working with my body, and by extension my mind, have given me much more than the well-documented benefits of physiological well-being.  It has sparked an ever-deepening understanding that beacons me inward on my journey of acknowledging, befriending, working through, and integrating the various layers of my unique makeup.  And yet, as I walk the privacy of my personal inward journey, I am supported by guides who point the way and other's reflection back to me, reminding me of our interconnectedness and interdependence.

Thank you for meeting me here.  You can click on each of the FAR tabs in the photo above to browse through my interests and explorations.  For my professional work in Yoga, and other MInd-Body Practices, please click on 'Offerings' from the menu bar on top.   May they inspire curiosity, self-study, and vital living. 

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