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Threshold of in-between

We are in the threshold of time turning over, where what is old is passing away but the new hasn't quite arrived yet. People instinctively express delight in the first moment of the new year as if to embrace a chance to begin again. Even strangers hug each other at the moment of the countdown into the new year. And yet, for that delight to be more lasting, we must pause consciously in the threshold of in-between to reflect on both the lessons from what has been and the potentials of what's to come.

With the passing of the winter solstice, we have moved through the darkest days of the year. With each day, light will increase and days will get longer. The invitation of this time of the year, despite or because of the growing light, is to embrace the darkness of not-knowing, until our darkness informs our light, and the light of our inner knowing helps us to recognize what deeply matters to us. During the remaining days of 2019, in the midst of all the external festivities, I wish for you and me to hold closely this gentle dance of the dark and light within us, delighting in our inner revelations even as we celebrate outwardly with family and loved ones.

Please join me next Saturday, January 4th, at the Yoga Room in Astoria, NY where we will create a conscious pause to experience an alchemical journey of releasing lingering tension patterns and creating more balanced conditions for new seeds of intention to take hold in the new year. See below for details of the workshop, as well as my Renewal Retreat in Greece.

Joyous holidays at the threshold of the New Year. May we pause consciously to find increasing ways to contribute beauty and meaning in our lives and to the world.

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